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China, France sign 20 agreements
Updated: 2004-10-11 15:48

China and France signed 20 agreements during French President Jacques Chirac's five-day statevisit to China, concerning environmental protection, railway, aviation, agriculture, telecommunication and finance.

The agreements include:

-- Agreement between China and France for the promotion of the clean development mechanism under article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol;

-- Agreement between China and France for the prevention and control of emergent infectious maladies;

-- Agreement between China and France for the cooperation in the domain of information technology;

-- Agreement for cooperation between Chinese Ministry of Railways and French Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Territory management, Tourism and Maritime Affairs;

-- Agreement for movie cooperation between Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and French Ministry of Culture and Communication;

-- Framework agreement between the French Development Agency and Chinese Ministry of Finance;

-- Procurement contract of railway electric multiple units withvelocity of 200 km/h;

-- MOU between China and France on wheat trade and technology cooperation;

-- Notification of contract awarding the project for the purchasing high power AC electric transmission locomotives and importing the relative technologies;

-- Cooperation framework agreement on advanced medium utility helicopter program between China Aviation Industry Corporation andEurocopter;

-- Agreement on TCL Group and Alcatel Group's joint-venture on handset business;

-- MOU between Chinese Wangxiang Group and French Dassault Group in electronic vehicle;

-- Qingdao Sino-French Hairun Water Supply Co. Limited contractamendment and supplement;

-- Amendment NO. 1 to the A319 purchase agreement;

-- A330 purchase agreement between China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited and Airbus SAS;

-- Protocol for development of industrial cooperation between China Aviation Industry Corporation and Airbus SAS;

-- MOU on business terms sheet between Chinese Lenovo Group Ltd.and a French partner;

-- Outline of China Telecom and France Telecom strategic partnership-cooperation;

-- MOU between Alstom and Dongfang Electric Corporation; and

-- Letter of Intent among Bank of China Group Insurance CompanyLtd., Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobiles Company Ltd., PSA Finance Netherlands Bank and PSA Finance Bank of China Ltd.

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