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Chirac Visits China
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Chirac arrives in Hong Kong

Hu, Chirac reach broad consensus
Visiting French President Jacques Chirac said in Beijing Sunday that he has had wide-range and in-depth talks and meetings with Chinese leaders and reached with them many important consensuses.
The French connection
Chirac's China visit nets $5b in business
French Alstom signing US$1.23 billion deals
China orders 26 Airbus aircrafts
Chirac in town, calls for end to arms embargo
Hu, Chirac hold talks
  China, France support Group-20 summit proposal
  'Sino-EU human rights dialogue important'
  Wen urges Sino-French economic cooperation
  Top legislator urges further parliament cooperation with France
  French president leaves for Shanghai
  Hu, Chirac reach broad consensus
  French president arrives in Beijing
  Year of events brings a lot of France to China
French Culture Year
  The French connection
  French Culture Center unveiled in Beijing
  Paris puts a charm on Chinese tourists
  French musician to kick off French Culture Year
  French cuisine making inroads onto Chinese palates
  Fencers fixed for friendly fighting
  Enjoy French gala

Economic Cooperation
  Chirac's China visit nets $5b in business
  China, France sign 20 agreements
  China orders 26 Airbus aircrafts
  Hu, Chirac hold talks
  'We're optimistic about the future?
  France to install 1,000 businesses in China
  Firms eye aviation industry
  Nuclear energy brings closer ties

  Asia welcomes bon ami Chirac
  Franco-Sino ties rich, ascending
  Chirac's tour of China magnifies partnership

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