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Villagers in Henan dedicated to tiger paintings

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-06-28 10:27 Comments

Villagers in Henan dedicated to tiger paintings

A peasant works on a tiger painting in Wanggongzhuang village, Beiguan town, Minquan county of Henan province, June 26, 2016. [Photo/IC]

The painting industry in Wanggongzhuang, a village in Henan, started in 1956, mainly themed on tiger, fish and crane creations. As "tiger" sounds similar to "Fu (good fortune)" in Chinese, and has a good market prospect, the locals flood to the village to paint tigers. The village has become an "art academy" and peasants here become artists.

There are more than 800 people engaged in painting-related industries, among its 1,366 villagers. Their paintings have been exported to Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the US, Bangladesh, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The "tiger painting" village attracted more than 400,000 tourists last year and sold around 90,000 paintings, generating a total revenue of 98 million yuan ($14.7 million).

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