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Famous art from Nina Yang honored, captivates audiences

(CRIENGLISH.com) Updated: 2016-04-18 15:04 Comments

Famous art from Nina Yang honored, captivates audiences

A photo shows a painting of Nina Yang describing the scene of the celebration of the Lantern Festival in northern Shaanxi province in Northwest China. [Photo/CRIENGLISH.com]

Nina Yang has taken part in China's 12th Painting and Arts Exhibition. Part of the Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Painting Society, Artists Association of Shaanxi province, Yan'an Artists Association, she has won numerous awards for her beautiful paintings of classic Chinese scenes.

She writes, "my works with the Northern Shaanxi Doll want to emphasize on the doll's vigour. The baby's image in the northern Shaanxi style is exaggerated using simple lines and bright coloring. I also take some of my inspiration from northern Shaanxi paper-cut works, making the painting dynamic and full of passion."

Nina Yang has been noted for her classic style mixed with modern techniques, painting scenes of Chinese festivals, children, family gatherings, and everyday life among other things. Her "busy" style of artwork continues to captivate audiences, drawing them to examine her art carefully to find small details that may amuse or inspire.

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