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Shanghai to build its most romantic graffitti wall

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-12-10 14:24 Comments

Shanghai to build its most romantic graffitti wall

A man walks beside a wall with love-themed graffiti in Tian'ai street. [Photo/IC]

The "sweetest" wall for couples to draw their love will appear along the "most romantic" street in Shanghai.

The street, located in Hongkou district, is named "Tian Ai" that means "sweet love" and has been attracting couples for years with its romantic name. However, the lovely place has suffered from graffiti and carved messages over the years, which damaged the original look of the street and causes quite a headache for the local governors.

To meet lovers' expectations for a romantic atmosphere, the local administration plans to set up a "love graffiti" wall especially designed for couples and visitors. The new wall will stretch more than 100 meters and celebrated artists will join in the effort to cover it with paintings and designs.

The theme of the new wall will be expanded. Apart from romantic relationships, familial love and nature will also be represented.

Tian'ai Street was first established in the early 1920s. The 526-meter tree-lined path is framed with 28 Chinese and English poems. It is said that loved ones who hold hands and walk through the street will be together forever.

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