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Tang treasures from Arabic shipwreck are on show

Updated: 2015-01-23 10:03 Comments

Tang treasures from Arabic shipwreck are on show

A golden plate with a ”卍” mark salvaged from the shipwreck. [Photo/ www.news.cn]

Tens of thousands of ancient porcelain, gold and silver wares and bronze mirrors were discovered during the salvage operation. The Arabian dhow offers a new insight into the trade routes between China and the Middle East during that period, and is seen as one proof of the Maritime Silk Road.

Since 2002 several Chinese museums have asked to buy these Chinese relics from Indonesia and the salvage companies, but haven’t succeeded. In 2005, a Singapore company acquired the treasures for more than $30 million. Since then, these treasures from the Tang Dynasty have been kept in Singapore.

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