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Tie-dye technique inheritor passes down traditions

Updated: 2013-12-14 10:35 (Xinhua)


Tie-dye technique inheritor passes down traditions

Duan Yinkai, an inheritor of the tie-dye technique, takes out stitches from the tie-dye cloth in a dyehouse in Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dali, southwest China's Yunnan Province, Dec. 12, 2013. Duan learnt the tie-dye technique from her parents, and she started to work on it when she was 17 years old. In the following years, not only did Duan create new colors and categories, she also imparted her experience to her prentices. As a traditional folk technique of the Bai ethnic group, tie-dye was listed in 2006 into state-level intangible cultural heritages. Nowadays, with the development of color pad dyeing technique, tie dye products present locals and tourists with a more colorful and charming characteristic. [Photo/Xinhua]


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