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26 years of research results in most delicious beef noodles

(People's Daily Online) Updated: 2016-04-22 08:12 Comments

26 years of research results in most delicious beef noodles

Wang Congyuan and his son, Wang Yinqi, demonstrate how to make the beef noodles worth 2,000 yuan ($308.6). [Photo/Xinhua]

How expensive can a bowl of beef noodles be? The 688 Beef Bowl restaurant in Taiwan currently has the most expensive beef noodles on the market. Customers who want to taste their noodles must pay up to 2,000 yuan ($308.6) and even make an appointment beforehand.

The 688 Beef Bowl restaurant is not particularly big. It offers seven different flavors of beef noodles, priced from 100 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

Wang Congyuan founded the beef noodle restaurant in 1990. About five years after opening, the restaurant started to become very popular. Wang began to do research about how to make beef noodles even more delicious and delicate. From the beef itself to the china in which he serves it, Wang has devoted himself to making the very best beef noodles.

Now, all the beef Wang uses is imported from Japan, Australia, the US, Brazil etc. Each cut of beef gets trimmed in a certain way, and the soup Wang uses has six different flavors, all prepared from different body parts of the cattle.

Wang's beef noodles are now regarded as legend in the food industry. Many customers come to Taiwan for the express purpose of trying the beef noodles from 688 Beef Bowl.

Wang is thinking about retiring soon and having his son, Wang Yinqi, take over the business.

"From the age of 40, all I've thought about is how to make the most delicious beef noodles. My dream now is to make the best beef noodles in the world."

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