CPC official urges stop to Syria violence

2012-06-02 17:53:20

China urges all parties in Syria to stop the violence and let the people decide their own future, a senior CPC official said.

Forum speakers suggest more dialogue

2012-05-31 15:24:38

EU and China, the two parts being interdependent, should stand together to tackle common challenges ahead.

CPC committed to China-Europe relations

2012-05-23 14:26:50

The Communist Party of China always values its friendly relations with European political parties and organisations.

China-Europe political parties seek cooperation

2012-05-23 11:27:26

The third China-Europe High-Level Political Parties Forum will focus on new ideas and approaches in trade, finance and international affairs cooperation between China and Europe, a senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official said.

Bringing charm of Jiangsu to Belgium

2012-05-19 22:19:11

The artists have taken the opportunity of the “China-EU year of Intercultural Dialogue ” to organize a ten-day concert tour in Europe.

Wen outlines proposals on building closer ties

2012-04-27 07:06:00

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao put forward a four-point proposal Thursday on further promoting relations and deepening cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European countries.

China, EU inaugurate people-to-people dialogue

2012-04-20 08:05:37

A year's good plans shall start with spring. This Chinese saying was put into action by China and the European Union on Wednesday, as about 500 Europeans and Chinese attended panel discussions on media, youth, education, trade and culture, in an effort to boost people-to-people understanding.

Joint Press Communique of the 14th China-EU Summit

2012-05-19 21:38:10

The fourteenth China-EU Summit was held in Beijing on 14th February 2012.

EU official welcomes cultural exchanges

2011-10-22 08:26:49

Beijing's decision on Tuesday to bolster the worldwide influence of Chinese culture will lend more impetus to cultural exchanges and help remove misconceptions between the European Union and its member countries.


3rd China-Europe High-Level Political Parties Forum

The forum was held from May 29 to 31 in Brussels.
Theme: "China and Europe cooperate to meet challenges"
Participants: International Department of the CPC Central Committee, All China Federation of Trade Unions, MEPs, leaders from European political parties, entrepreneurs, scholars, press……
Focus: ways to strengthen cooperation in international issues and in economic, trade and financial areas.


Special coverage: CPC 90th Anniversary

A full coverage of the Communist Party of China (CPC) marking the 90th anniversary of its founding on July 1, 1921.

China-Europe High-Level Political Party Forum