Interaction with visitors crucial to success at Shanghai Expo

Updated: 2010-04-02 11:36
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MELBOURNE, Australia - The Shanghai World Expo Commissioner-General for Australia Lyndall Sachs has said in an exclusive interview Xinhua that mutual interaction with the visitors in Expo is crucial to success.

Lyndall Sachs said the Shanghai World Expo on May 1 is going to be a big event as over 100 countries and regions are expected to participate. And our experience in the 2005 Japan Aichi World Expo proved that our people and mutual interaction with the visitors are critical to success.

"These on-the-ground representatives are responsible for the smooth running of the pavilion and for ensuring that our visitors enjoy a memorable and distinctly Australian experience," she said.

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She said Australia places big concerns with its participation in the Shanghai World Expo as many people put enormous time and effort. However, the question remain is how to deliver a deep impression to people after they visit the Australian Pavilion?

"The Australian side believes creativity, elegance and the quality of showcase items are surely crucial, but what is more important is the mutual interaction," she said, adding that in the Australian pavilion in the May World Expo, visitors can taste wines for free, or can attend a class or even participate in there in the Education section.

But "How to deliver these messages precisely to the Chinese visitors?" she said, Chinese-English bilingual workers are the key as they will make Australia a "must-see" pavilion among other nations taking part in Shanghai World Expo.

She said Australia has carefully chosen over 200 bilingual people out of over 3,000 applicants to carry out work in the Australian Pavilion. This team includes a full range of jobs from sommelier to service assistants, executive chef to events coordinator, and mascot handler to maitre.

"These participants are going to receive intensive training in April in Shanghai before Expo begins. Their goal is to ensure every visitor coming to the Australian Pavilion to have a happy, unforgettable and unique experience." she said.

These participants range from 17-67 years old, they all speak fluent Mandarin and English.

Sachs also said inside the Australian Pavilion, the three totally different captivating acts, which are "Journey", "Discover " and "Enjoy", will provide not just a wide range and colorful artistic and cultural events on daily basis, but also many high- level, comical and humorous interactive activities, which show different products and ideas with the Australian sense of humor.

Lastly, Sachs revealed, on the 8th June which is going to be the Australian Pavilion Day, visitors will enjoy a series of performances by Australian stars and high-ranking officials of Australia will also be present. In the mean time, the performances are being prepared rigorously.