Climate Facts

Costa Rica suggests COP15 adjournment

Obama announces breakthrough on climate change deal

Copenhagen climate deal still under discussion, sources say

Gore: Polar ice may vanish in 5-7 years

Soros proposes $100b for developing nations' climate efforts

China, India, Brazil to enhance co-op on climate change

Key to Brazil's deforestation may be in its cows, pastures

Danish envoy optimistic about climate summit

Pledges made on climate by key countries

Key dates in the story of a warming planet

Global efforts to fight climate change

Climate pledges made by key countries

Expert: China's largest desert lake may vanish in decades

Curbing global warming saves lives, studies say

Global warming affecting farmland

Antarctic ice melt accelerating

Green your buildings to fight climate change

UN: Fight climate change with free condoms


In his last day at Copenhagen, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao reiterated China's stance and polices on combating climate change.

Wen addresses Copenhagen summit (2)

Wen addresses Copenhagen summit (3)