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Chinese premier, UN chief discuss climate change

Updated: 2009-12-30 20:19
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BEIJING, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussed building on the Copenhagen conference to fight climate change in a telephone conversation on Wednesday.

Premier Wen said the Copenhagen climate meeting had achieved historic progress, which would serve as the foundation for international cooperation and pointed the future direction for negotiations on climate change action.

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Wen said all nations should continue to find common ground, bridge differences and strengthen cooperation to crack the hard issues facing human existence and development, and benefit the generations to come.

The premier also said China would strive to overcome the challenges it faced in realizing its announced emissions reduction target while providing the international community with timely and full information and enhancing international cooperation and exchange.

Wen added that China supported a more active role for the UN and secretary-general and China would like to contribute more in working with the international community in the cause of combating climate change.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said the Copenhagen summit signified an important step in the right direction. The UN highly appreciated China's constructive efforts during the talks.

He said China's firm stance on voluntarily cutting greenhouse emissions had set an example within the international community and the UN hoped to enhance its cooperation with China on climate change.