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Schools closed to curb flu spread in S China
Updated: 2009-06-23 23:36

GUANGZHOU: Authorities ordered Tuesday a one-week closure of all schools and kindergartens in a southern China township where 37 students from the same primary school were confirmed as A(H1N1) cases.

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The order came after seven new cases were reported Monday in Shipai Township Central Primary School in Dongguan City. Previously, 30 students were diagnosed with the A(H1N1) flu last week.

Classes will resume June 30.

The measure aimed to prevent the spread of the virus in Shipai Township and drew on the experience of Hong Kong, where all kindergartens, primary schools and special schools suspended class for two weeks in June because of an outbreak of the flu, said a spokesman of Dongguan city government.

During the suspension, students will not be allowed to gather outside schools. Health bureaus and parents were asked to educate children how to prevent the spread of the disease.

Shipai Township Central Primary School, with 1,314 students, was closed last week when the first cases were reported.