China, US work out new tasks after SED

Updated: 2007-12-13 16:07

The Chinese and U.S. governments have prioritized their work during the coming six months following the third China-U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue. They are as follows:

US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson shakes hands with Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Yi (L) during the opening of The Third Strategic Economic Dialogue in Xianghe, near Beijing, December 12, 2007.  [Agencies] 

-- Further intensify dialogue and exchanges in the areas of product and consumer safety, including food, feed, and drug and medical products, through new and existing bilateral cooperation mechanisms.

-- Conduct extensive cooperation over a ten-year period to address energy and the environment, advance technological innovation, adoption of highly-efficient, clean energy technology and technology in addressing climate change, and promote the sustainability of natural resources. A working group will be started in order to start planning as soon as possible.

-- Meet early next year and work together to jointly promote the negotiation in the WTO on the reduction or, as appropriate, the elimination of tariffs and non-tariff barriers to environmental goods and services to achieve results as soon as possible, recognizing the urgency of environmental challenges.

-- Expand cooperation on development of a detailed plan to gradually reduce the sulfur content in fuels to 50 ppm or lower and introduce corresponding advanced vehicle pollution control technology, for incorporation into China's 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015).

-- Strengthen cooperation on construction and management of strategic oil stocks through the exchanges of information and technologies, as well as training, including cooperation with the International Energy Agency.

-- Begin a high-level exchange of investment policies, practices, and climates. Intensify ongoing discussions regarding the prospects for negotiating a Bilateral Investment Treaty.

-- Continue consultations in a cooperative manner on China achieving market economy status. Continue cooperation through the High Technology and Strategic Trade Working Group under the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade by positively implementing "Guidelines for U.S.-China High  Technology and Strategic Trade Development" and taking appropriate  constructive measures and working out an action plan to expand and facilitate bilateral high-tech and strategic trade. Relevant departments of the two sides have agreed to meet or hold a digital video conference (DVC) in the field of rules of origin.

-- Explore the scope of respective international obligations on transparency. Continue to exchange information on reviewing and responding to comments received during the rulemaking process. Establish a communication mechanism to exchange information regularly on the conditions, procedures and timeframes for granting administrative licenses in areas of the Chinese market of interest to the United States and areas of the  U.S. market to China.

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