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Tibetan bakery offers a special taste of local culture

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-07-30 14:08 Comments

Tibetan bakery offers a special taste of local culture

Pasang Tsering shows off his "Cow Dung" bread besides the model of a yak in front of his shop, July 28, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]

There is a Tibetan bakery named "Accordion" in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region. The shop is owned by a young couple, Pasang Tsering, a young Tibetan from Gyangze county, Shigatse and Man Xinwei, a Han girl from Guizhou province.

They set up their "sweet" business as a tribute to their true love. The inspiration for the shop's name comes from the fact that Man Xinwei is an accordion player. The black highland barley bread is the shop's specialty.

The highland barley bread is a fusion of Tibetan traditional food, black highland barley, with western cuisine. Pasang Tsering chose the highland barley as the main ingredient out of loyalty to his homeland. Pasang Tsering started to learn how to make western desserts back in 2007, and they opened the shop in 2009.

The shop's dessert specialty is called "Cow Dung" bread due to its appearance. "Cow Dung "culture is a local phenomenon in Tibet. There are now four Tibetan bakeries in the area. The innovative practice of making highland barley into various western desserts attracts more travelers to learn about Tibetan culture, says Pasang Tsering.

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