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China's tested 4G service on offer in six months

Updated: 2013-08-30 10:57
( cctv.com)

China's 4G market is about to start selling 4G phones. Currently, there are 10 mobile phones under review by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Those phones are sent by phone makers, in order to get approval for 4G network access.

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Companies include big names like Samsung, LG, ZTE, and Huawei, and also some other local brands all sent their samples. 4G network carriers are also on the move. China Mobile is launching a nationwide trial promotion to invite cellphone users to experience the 4G network for free. Analysts say consumers have to wait for at least six months for available 4G service packages. But they see the transition period shorter than 3G promotions as the new 4G network has been tested enough times, and carriers are now prepared for larger roll outs.