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Lenovo execs: a 'golden opportunity' for global growth

Updated: 2013-10-21 11:06
By Gao Yuan (

Among the eight markets where Lenovo's PC market share hit double digits as of June, five economies came from the ASEAN bloc.

The Beijing-based company is getting nearly 20 percent market share in Malaysia, the highest in the region.

A total of 100,000 Lenovo smartphones were sold in the Southeast Asia market in the first quarter, said the company.

But because of the unique market landscape in different countries, Lenovo has to learn new strategies to tap into new markets.

In Singapore and other developed markets, contract phones could take more than 90 percent of market share because the competition among telecom carriers is extremely intensive, according to Quek, Lenovo's Singapore head.

"Vietnam only has second-generation network so most of the customers are price sensitive," said Chen.

The demand in Indonesia is similar to other developing nations while in Jakarta, its capital and richest area in the country, smartphone buyers are more interested in higher end devices despite the higher price tag, said Chen.

"When people think of ASEAN, they see ten countries. But for Lenovo who is determined to expand in each of the ten markets, we have to carefully examine every demand and appreciate the uniqueness in order to beat competitors," he added.

The executives at Lenovo are keen about their "attack and protect" strategy ever since the company unveiled its smartphone, tablet and smart television products.

"High-end smartphone market will continue to be the most valuable territory for us because the market is getting matured and the competition is intense," said Chen.

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