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Beijing police out in force to limit Barcelona abuse

Updated: 2007-08-04 11:35

In their latest effort to tackle crude behavior ahead of the Olympics, Beijing police say they will punish or even detain football fans who yell out the "F-Word" (the Chinese equivalent) at Sunday's friendly between Beijing Guo'an FC and Barcelona.

"Those who initiate swearing or goad the crowd into mass cursing at the game will be ejected from the stadium or even face detention and a 12-month ban from attending football matches," Liu Chunjiang, a spokesman with Beijing police's Fengtai District Branch told Xinhua on Friday.

Fengtai police, responsible for security at Sunday's game between Beijing Guo'an FC and Barcelona, will treat the international friendly expected to attract more than 30,000 fans as a "drill for next year's Olympics", Liu said.

"It is just way out of line to have 30,000 people shouting and swearing en masse," Liu said.

"There will be a police officer in each stand videoing the crowd during the match in order to collect evidence of fans' bad behavior, from cursing and fighting to throwing litter or running onto the field. We will keep records of all violations," he said.

"What we are trying to do is to give the right guidance in how to view a football match, not to impose anything on the spectator, " Liu said.

Beijing Fengtai Stadium, where the game will be held, is the home stadium of Guo'an FC and a notorious cussing venue for Beijingers who enjoy letting fly with tirades of abuse.

A seasoned curser surnamed Hao was detained for seven days in July for "violating the order of a public event". The man set up a website in March called "Beijing Curse Union", aimed at promoting a "curse culture" and goading Beijing football fans before each match to swear at the visiting team. He was banned from the stadium for 12 months.

Another five members of the "Union" were fined or given warnings. Sunday's game will be the first match after the banning of the "Union", said Liu, who refused to say how many police officers will be present.