Palestinian shields foil Israeli strikes

2006-11-20 10:41:30

Hundreds of Palestinians serving as human shields guarded the homes of two top militants Sunday, a new tactic that forced Israel to call off missile strikes on the buildings.

Israeli troops kill 8 Palestinians in Gaza raids

2006-11-03 13:42:09

Israeli troops battled Palestinian militants into the early hours of Friday morning in the northern Gaza Strip, killing five militants overnight and threating to bulldoze houses from which shots were being fired.

Fresh Israeli army raid on Gaza kills 4

2006-11-01 15:48:25

Four Palestinians were killed and over 20 others were injured at predawn on Wednesday in a new Israeli army ground raid on the town of Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza Strip.

Israeli air strikes kills Palestinian, wounds 17

2006-11-01 10:05:21

Israeli troops killed at least one Palestinian on Wednesday and wounded 17 in a series of air strikes and gun battles that erupted in northern Gaza, security sources and witnesses said.

Annan: Israeli raid violates truce

2006-08-20 09:01:25

Israeli commandos raided a Hezbollah stronghold deep in Lebanon on Saturday, engaging in a fierce gunbattle as the 6-day ceasefire was put to a critical test.

UN adopts resolution to end Lebanon war

2006-08-12 08:33:33

The U.N. Security Council on Friday voted unanimously for a U.S.-French drafted resolution that calls for an end to bloodshed in Lebanon and Israel.

Israeli PM endorses UN cease-fire deal

2006-08-12 07:20:40

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert endorsed an emerging Mideast cease-fire deal late Friday, after a day of dramatic day brinksmanship.

Israel hits hard but suffers 15 deaths

2006-08-07 08:55:00

A defiant Hezbollah pounded northern Israel with rockets Sunday after rejecting a U.S.-French truce proposal, killing at least 15 people.

Israel continues air raids

2006-08-04 16:32:48

Chinese envoy to visit Lebanon, Israel to ease tensions

2006-08-04 15:33:31

China is sending an envoy on a five-nation tour of the Middle East with stops in Israel and Lebanon in an effort to reduce tensions in the region.

War takes toll

2006-08-03 11:23:49

Israeli soldiers attend the funeral for their comrade Staff Sergeant Yonatan Einhorn, who was killed on Tuesday during clashes with Hizbollah in southern Lebanon, on Mount Hertzl military cemetery in Jerusalem August 2, 2006. Hizbollah guerrillas killed three Israeli soldiers and wounded 25 in battles in the border village of Aita al-Shaab on Tuesday. [Reuters]