State Leaders' Overseas Trips

Xi Jinping

7 visits
46 days
18 countries

Li Keqiang

5 visits
32 days
13 countries

  • New Asian Security Concept

  • Asia-Pacific Dream

  • Neighborhood Diplomacy

  • The Belt and Road Initiatives

  • Global Anti-corruption Campaign

  • Railroad Diplomacy

Benefits to the people
Chinese passport opens more doors


"Super priority" visa service to China, including a 24-hour visa service and a new facility enabling visitors to apply for British and Schengen visa at the same time.


Shorten the visa process to 48 hours and will also issue more long-term multiple-entry visas in the future.


To issue five-year student visa and 10-year multiple-entry visa to Chinese tourists and businessmen.


To adopt a 48-hour visa service for Chinese tourists.

Australia and New Zealand

Visa applications to be more efficient.


Upgrades single-entry visas to multi-entry.


The time required for visa application has been cut to 36 hours.

Benefits to the people
FTA: What it means for Chinese people?

(1)  China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Cheaper Australian products: 93 percent of Australia imports will be tariff-free in four years

Infant milk powder, wines, seafood: Four years

Beef: Nine years

Lamb: Eight years

Australian leather: Two years

Australian-style services:
Seventy-seven more Australian education institutions can accept Chinese students
Wholly Australian-owned hotels, restaurants, hospitals, old-age homes allowed in China

(2)  China-South Korea FTA

The agreement is expected to be effective in the second half of 2015.
More than 90 percent of traded goods across 17 areas will be tariff-free over the next two decades, including clothing, cosmetics, consumer electronics, and household appliances.