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China shows a major country's responsibility of global nuclear security governance

By Xu Xiujun (CCTV.com) Updated: 2016-04-03 19:43 Comments

China shows a major country's responsibility of global nuclear security governance
Cartoon by Liao Tingting

On April 1 US local time, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the fourth Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) and delivered a speech entitled "Strengthen Global Nuclear Security Architecture and Promote Global Nuclear Security Governance".

In his speech, Xi focused on building a global nuclear security system featuring fairness and win-win cooperation. Xi gave a speech explaining Beijing's policies and introduced the country's progress in nuclear safety. He further announced new initiatives to strengthen national nuclear security and promote international cooperation.

President Xi's speech was a major highlight of the summit. Beijing's initiatives attracted close attention of the international media. Xi returned to Beijing after his successful trip to Washington.

The issue of nuclear safety goes beyond national borders. Nuclear security has always been an essential field for Beijing to actively participate in global governance, and fulfill its international obligation and responsibility.

Xi's speech shows that Beijing adheres to the idea of excellence, the principle of fitting its actions to its words while upholding the tenets of win-win cooperation. It fully demonstrates a major country's responsibility to build a global nuclear security system and promote global nuclear security governance.

Beijing's recent progress in nuclear safety is the best evidence that illustrates the strength of a major player on the international stage.

Beijing's continuous efforts in international nuclear security cooperation have greatly contributed to enhance the level of global nuclear safety. As such, China has received much praise from the international community.

Xu Xiujun is deputy director of International Politics and Ecomonics Department, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

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