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President Xi interviewed by Wall Street Journal


Updated: 2015-09-22 18:30:35


On Internet and China's opening up

As one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, the Internet has turned the world into a global village by profoundly changing the way people live and work and vigorously boosting social development. Though highly global, this new frontier is by no means a land beyond law. Rule of law also applies to the Internet, with the need to safeguard a country's sovereignty, security and development interests as relevant as in the real world.

Freedom and order must be upheld side by side in both cyberspace and the physical world. Freedom is the purpose of order, and order the guarantee of freedom. We need to fully respect netizens' rights to express themselves, while at the same time, ensure a sound cyberspace order to better protect the lawful rights and interests of all netizens. China's Internet is booming, providing immense opportunities and market horizon for businesses around the world. We welcome all foreign companies in China and will respect and protect their lawful rights and interests provided that they abide by the laws and regulations of China and do nothing to undermine China's national interests and interests of Chinese consumers. The international community as a whole should work together to build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and mutual trust.

China recognizes the positive role of foreign nonprofit organizations (NPOs), welcomes and supports their development in China, and stands ready to provide them with necessary facilitation and assistance. Taking seriously the provision of services to and regulation of foreign NPOs in China, we will regulate, in accordance with law, their activities and protect their lawful rights and interests. All foreign NPOs should obey Chinese law and carry out their activities on a law-abiding and orderly basis.