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Anti-Taliban group abolished after attack

Updated: 2011-03-10 15:20
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ISLAMABAD - An anti-Taliban "Lashkar" or army was abolished after a militant struck funeral of the widow of one of its member near the outskirts of Pakistani northwestern city of Peshawar, which killed 37 people and injured more than 50 on Wednesday, local sources and media said Thursday.

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The bomber hit the funeral at Matani area and exploded his bomb when the people were offering funeral for the wife of the Lashkar member Abdul Kalam alia Kala Khan.

Chief of the Peace Lashkar Dilawar Khan said he has disbanded the anti-Taliban body and now people of Mattani, 20 kilometers from Peshawar, will deal with the militants on their own, according to local newspaper Pakistan Observer.

Anti-Taliban Lashkars have been formed with the backing of the government in several parts in Pakistan's northwest to help the authorities eliminate or capture Taliban militants.

Taliban have carried out several deadliest suicide attacks on pro-government committees and killed hundreds of people, including tribal elders. Taliban also plan target attacks on pro-government personalities and their families.

"We will never forgive blood of the people," Dilawar Khan told reporters after the suicide attack on the funeral. He said that all innocent people were killed in the blast.

He said that the anti-Taliban Lashkar of Adezai area was launched three years ago and the body had carried out several attacks on Taliban. "We had captured some Taliban militants but unfortunately they were freed and are now roaming freely," Khan said.

He said that Taliban also carried out several attacks on members of the Peace Lashkar and have killed 47 people in these attacks. He complained that no compensation has been given to the families of the victims.

He warned the provincial government to compensate the victim families within two days and if government failed to do so, its members would re-think to join the ranks of militants.