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The cat that loves a shower
Updated: 2009-02-13 16:28

They are known for their aversion to water, but this cat loves having a shower so much that she tries to leap in at any given chance.

Chloe the cat loves taking showers, which helps prevent her coat from becoming matted. [Agencies] 

Chloe, a Persian, got her first taste of water when her owner Phil Gardner gave her a wash and trim after her coat became matted.

Bracing himself for some scratches, Mr Gardner put Chloe in the bath and turned on the shower, cautiously wetting her coat.

But instead of the anticipated attack, Chloe settled down and relaxed at the warm water cascaded over her head.

Mr Gardner, 35, a hospital worker from Brighton, said he can now barely keep Chloe out of the shower.

He said: "She's a Persian cat and when her hair gets too long it gets matted, but she doesn't like it, which is why she needs the showers.

"The vet told me to cut her hair and then wash her."

He added: "The first time I tried it I thought she'd hit out at me, but it turned out she was quite happy being sprayed by the shower -- especially her head.

"She loves the feel of warm water and I can see her ears prick up every time I put the shower on.

"I have to keep the door locked when I go in to stop her jumping in with me."