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Arab, Mediterranean governments urged to boost cooperation in environmental security
Updated: 2008-11-10 08:41

TUNIS -- A two-day conference on environmental security in Arab and Mediterranean region concluded here Sunday, calling for unified actions to boost cooperation in guaranteeing environmental security in the region.

In a statement, the conference urged governments in the region to unify their policies on environmental security in order to face the challenge of climate change.

"Governments should unify policies on environmental security and strengthen partnership in matter of scientific research between Arab countries and prepare a survey of possible risks to evaluate their impact and their cost," said the statement.

The two-day meeting focused on the strategic and legal aspects of environmental security in the Arab and Mediterranean region and the role of the civil society in the issue.

The conference highlighted the importance of increased  cooperation between governmental bodies and the private sector, stressing the need "to involve the components of the civil society and promote programs of awareness, guidance and control of environment, in addition to stepping up the exchange of experiences and expertise among Arab countries."

We need to set up a national project to fight against climate change and back up the regional project worked out by the Arab Network for Environment and Development in order to attenuate the impact of global warming and integrate environmental laws, policies and strategies, said the statement.