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Lebanese deputy premier withdrew from cabinet session
Updated: 2008-10-22 15:44

BEIRUT -- Lebanese deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra withdrew Tuesday night from the cabinet session in protest against failure to agree on his powers prerogatives, local Naharnet website reported Wednesday.

Abu Jamra, who is a member of Christian opposition leader Michel Aoun, free patriotic movement, told reporters that "the deputy Prime Minister should be a real deputy, he should head cabinet meeting when the Prime Minister is away and should practice his powers at the cabinet headquarters at the Grand serial."

Prime Minister Fouad Seniora who is heading the Lebanese cabinet, refrained earlier from giving his deputy Abu Jamra an office at the government headquarters, saying that the decree which governs the cabinet function does not give the deputy these prerogatives.

Abu Jamra, however, demanded that the decree be amended to give power to the deputy Prime Minister.

About continuing to boycott upcoming cabinet session, Abu Jamra said "if the amendment was considered, I would attend."

The Doha accord, which ended 18 months of political deadlock on May 21 between Lebanese rival leaders, assured the formation of a national unity government giving the opposition veto power on condition that none of the ministers would resign.