B2X enters into partnership with China Daily website

Updated: 2006-08-11 14:12
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B2X Corporation, a pioneer in global trade e-commerce solutions, announced Friday, August 11, it has completed the acquisition of Devix, a leading software company specializing in business process management solutions for e-commerce companies.

In addition, B2X also announced its 10-year exclusive partnership with the China Daily Information Company (, China's official and largest English language online media destination. This partnership grants B2X key support in China's burgeoning import/export market.

"B2X will serve as a bridge in commerce between China and the entire world," commented Zhang Ping, CEO of China Daily Information Company, "B2X's revolutionary, centralized online marketplace will facilitate the trading of China's products throughout the complicated import/export process."

B2X ( will release the first version of the B2X Commerce Suite Platform on October 15, 2006. This version will allow multiple companies to manage their business through one interface.

Guy Praisler, B2X Chief Science Officer, said: "The B2X Commerce Suite Platform incorporates unique features that allow clients to set their own business rules, actions, and alerts for all aspects of their business, and change them as needed."


B2X is a global technology company building a revolutionary platform to facilitate e-commerce and international trade. B2X delivers to users vital information needed to market, manage and ship products on a national and international basis.

Leveraging proprietary technology solutions, B2X plans to change the paradigm of international e-commerce by providing a seamless, secure, end-to-end environment to guide and assist buyers and sellers through each step of the complex, heavily regulated process of international import and export.

By establishing partnerships throughout the process chain, B2X will aggregate a simplified, turn-key solution that optimizes the economics of the import/export process, including customer acquisition, shipping, insurance, inspection and payment.
The B2X platform will allow users to expand their global market, drive product sales, and securely manage the transaction process and enhance the business fulfillment process.