Capturing happiness: Li Wenge's photos [2009-10-13 14:27]
Modest web designer's unique photos amuse Beijingers.
It's a grand party! [2009-10-02 19:24]
Everyone felt happy from the bottom of their hearts.
“Chinese people deserve praise” [2009-09-29 15:13]
The Greek Ambassador to China joins an exclusive interview with China Daily.
Sports helped pave the way for Sino-ROK ties [2009-09-29 11:24]
ROK's Ambassador to China joined an exclusive interview with China Daily
Greetings from US Ambassador [2009-09-25 10:00]
"China has undergone a historic economic transformation in the recent decades."
China is like a good friend [2009-09-22 14:53]
Exclusive interview with the Sri Lankan ambassador to China.
Tongan Ambassador: China to continue prosperity [2009-09-15 17:27]
There are two main challenges facing China.
A good will visit to China [2009-09-15 16:29]
Ms. Sujata Koirala highly assesses the rapid development in Tibet.
Indian ambassador sets ambitious goal for relations [2009-09-15 10:45]
China and India can develop a very "ambitious" relationship if the two giant neighbors work together.
China and Israel's bilateral ties 'unparalleled' [2009-09-15 10:21]
"What's going on in this country is a very, very big 'Wow'."

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