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Majestic view of Namjagbarwa peak in Nyingchi, Tibet

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-12-23 13:28 Comments

Majestic view of Namjagbarwa peak in Nyingchi, Tibet

This photo taken on December 20, 2015 from the Sejila Mountain shows the winter scenery of the cloud-shrouded Namjagbarwa peak in Nyingchi, Tibet. The winter air in Nyingchi is fresh, with proper humidity, from the Sejila mountain pass which is at a latitude of 4728m, visitors can watch the stunning sunrise, as well as the mesmerizing view of the sea of clouds or forests. Although currently it is the slack season for tourism, there are still quite a number of visitors coming here to appreciate the unique scenery. Located at the Nyingchi prefecture in Tibet, Namjagbarwa, with an altitude of 7782m, is the fifteenth highest peak in the world. Since its giant triangular top is surrounded by mists and covered with snow all year long, the real appearance of the mountain is rarely seen, so it is nicknamed a "shy" mountain.[Photo/Xinhua]

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