Sochi souvenirs? Get in line

2014-02-18 14:31:35

In Sochi's Olympic Park there are two constants: the Olympic flame burning triumphantly in the middle of the park and the long line of waiting shoppers snaking out of the official store.

Making the Games a family affair

2014-02-14 07:21:41

The Winter Olympics may be a multi-billion dollar enterprise reaching every corner of the globe, but for many the Sochi Games are strictly a family affair.

Cardio climb

2014-02-13 13:57:25

Loading up on carbs with Russian bread and potatoes for a long Olympic day has consequences. There's one way to burn those extra calories: Walk the world's longest bobsled track.

Gotta be the gloves

2014-02-13 13:57:25

Even though the Olympic-winning snowboard didn't have his name on it, Jake Burton found a way to get his hands in on the action.

Life's a beach at the Winter Olympics

2014-02-13 13:56:25

Forget the parkas and stocking hats. Sunscreen and shades are the must-have items at the Sochi "Winter" Games.

Sochi glitch T-shirts sold

2014-02-10 14:10:19

Garment sellers in China and many other countries saw business opportunities in the Sochi opening ceremony glitch, when only four of five rings were lit up, and "Sochi problem rings T-shirts" have become a hit on the Internet.

Million-dollar outfits? Who cares? says Wust

2014-02-08 07:25:06

The latest, greatest, high-tech speed skating suit capable of propelling athletes to record times - reigning 1,500m Olympic champion Irene Wust has heard it all before.

US warns airlines about 'toothpaste bombs'

2014-02-06 08:13:41

US federal government has issued a warning to US and some foreign airlines that fly to Russia for the Olympic Games about "toothpaste bomb" threats.

Chinese tourists eye Sochi for Olympics

2014-02-03 21:13:18

The upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics is inspiring Chinese tourists to look for sporting fun in the Russian city despite the traditional winter low season for tourism to Russia.

Tough drug-testing net in place for Sochi Olympics

2014-01-29 21:59:55

Go ahead _ just try to get away with it. If you're willing to take the risk, you'll pay the price.

Russia fields 25,000 volunteers for Sochi Games

2014-01-19 21:32:45

They are young, bright and speak good English. Russia has trained 25,000 volunteers to work at the upcoming Sochi Games.

Smile! Russians learn hospitality before Sochi Games

2014-01-26 16:13:30

It may not come naturally to all Russians and, in the run-up to the Winter Olympics, Sochi hotel managers are getting crash courses in how to smile.

Russian Olympic team combines youth and experience

2014-01-26 16:13:30

Russian Olympic team combines youth with experience and it has been a serious base for future success, Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said Thursday.