National volleyball team gets first black player
Updated: 2009-04-16 16:03

National volleyball team gets first black player
Ding Hui (R) and teammate Bian Hongmin pose for photos during a league game for Zhejiang team, file photo. They are both recently recruited into the national volleyball team. []

"I am not expecting Ding to become a celebrity. I just want him to be healthy and happy," said Yu Jianxiu, Ding's mother.

Yu used to worry about Ding because as a small boy he seemed shy and introverted. "When he was a little boy, he seldom went out because he looked different from the other children. But after he started playing volleyball, he livened up. He likes to speak Hangzhou dialect to amuse me and surprise his friends," said Yu with a smile.

Ding is very popular among his teammates. "He's the joker in the squad," said Wang Hebing, the head coach of Zhejiang Volleyball team where Ding plays his league volleyball. "He was a little shy at first but he soon became a favorite with the other players."

"He's also a great singer and dancer and he brings more passion to the game than the other players."

Ding's father returned to South Africa before he was born. They sometimes talk on the telephone but have never met each other, according to his mother. "Ding says he plans to visit Africa when he retires from the game."

"Ding needs to play boldly and aggressively," said Wang Hebing, who has been named assistant coach of the national team. "I hope he can seize this opportunity and develop his career."


Name: Ding Hui

Date of Birth: June 1989

Height: 186cm

Weight: 80kg

Attacking Height: 300cm

Blocking Height: 290cm

Club: Zhejiang

Career experience:

Ding started playing volleyball at ten. He was recruited to the provincial youth team in 2003 and the national under-19 team in 2007.


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