• Welcome to Chegndu

    2013-02-07 14:07

    Chengdu tourism promotion video.

  • I Love This City

    2012-09-24 18:00

  • Stitches in time

    2012-09-24 18:00

    Exhibits at the Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum show changes in the social fabric throughout history.

  • It's time to save face and keep the magic

    2012-09-24 18:00

    It is with more than a little disappointment that I read that someone was offering to sell the secrets of bianlian for 3,000 yuan.

  • Poised for take off

    2012-09-24 18:00

    The premiere of a 3D kungfu flick helps turn the spotlight on a little known genre whose skills are honed at the foot of Mt Qingcheng in Sichuan.

  • Surprising discovery

    2012-09-24 18:00

    Liu manor is synonymous with Anren town in Dayi county, on the western outskirts of Sichuan's provincial capital Chengdu.

  • Jinli: Dishes to die for

    2012-09-24 18:00

    Only on Jinli Street and next to Wuhou Temple can people enjoy the best of both tradition and food.

  • Pingle: Inertia can be delicious

    2012-09-24 18:00

    The "ancient city" of Pingle does not appear to be that ancient if you're inside the funky Music Memories bar, in the city square, on the southern bank of the Baimo River.

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Panda Facts
  • Panda facts I

    In China, most giant pandas live in the mountains of Qinling, Minshan, Qionglai, Daxiangling and Xiaoxiangling.

  • Panda facts II

    By the end of 2011, the number of wild giant pandas in the world was about 1,590.

Pandas Abroad