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E-Town Capital invests China Rocket Co., Ltd

Updated : 2016-11-16
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ChinaRocket Co., Ltd was recently inaugurated in Beijing to provide fast response, low cost, reliable space launch services and solutions for satellite networks.

E-Town Capital invests China Rocket Co., Ltd

Li Hong, the dean of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology gives opening speech.

Dean of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology Li Hong, CEO of E-Town Capital Lu Yongzhong, and general manager of China Aerospace Investment Holding Ltd. Zhang Tao signed a cooperative contract to develop cooperation in commercial rocket manufacturing and launches.

E-Town Capital invests China Rocket Co., Ltd

The signing ceremony.

Secretary of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology Hao Zhaoping thinks that this is a favorable time for commercial rockets, and the establishment of ChinaRocket Co., Ltd is a sign of the times. It inherits 60-years’ experience in Chinese aerospace and cooperation networking, and intends to integrate and update original research, manufacturing, operation and service systems through marketization to create the future of China’s commercial aerospace industry.

E-Town Capital invests China Rocket Co., Ltd

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology secretary Hao Zhaoping gives a speech.

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology is the base institution of the Chinese aerospace industry and the biggest rocket manufacturer. It has become the forerunner of commercial aerospace development.

Maturity and innovation are the new standards of the commercial aerospace market.

ChinaRocket Co., Ltd is a platform of space transportation and commercial rocket launches. Seven academicians including Long Lehao, Liu Zhusheng, Jiang Jie, and Yu Menglun will use the company’s inherited 60 years’ experience to support research into new commercial rockets.

Commercial aerospace must listen to consumers, be close to them and depend on them. It must use high technology to create top products, understanding and meeting the demands of consumers to provide individualized services. China Rocket Co., Ltd is capable of providing complete satellite launch services, including delivery and functions, ground tracking and network construction, to meet the demands of consumers in different classes. The company at the signing ceremony even raised the possibility of a space shuttle bus.

Besides diverse launch services, China Rocket Co., Ltd also introduced its capacities for space resource use and suborbital flight. Space resource use means prolonging the working life of space equipment to reduce the requirement for new space discovery technology.

The suborbital flight experience project provides on-ground weightlessness training, VR experience, and suborbital space flights according to visitors’ age, interests and physical condition. China Rocket Co., Ltd will combine technology, culture, tourism and education to redefine the Chinese aerospace market.

The Chinese commercial aerospace market is contributing to creation of an aerospace plus mode.

That new mode will try to create a shared commercial aerospace economy by creating an open, sharing, internet-based commercial aerospace community. The goal will be to share value with companions and consumers on the industrial chain.

Aerospace plus is the only way forward in Chinese Aerospace commercial marketization. The shared economic mode in commercial aerospace promises breakthroughs in industrial chains, technology, and capital and commercial methods and will be the core power in the industry.

According to information from Hao Zhaoping, the secretary of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, a small commercial rocket will be researched and manufactured in the next three to five years, and China Rocket Co., Ltd will import strategic investors to cooperate with partners and users and to share the company's achievements.

E-Town Capital invests China Rocket Co., Ltd

Company leaders attend the inaugural meeting.

A combination of high technology, diverse productions and services, a shared economy mode , and supply chains, market and capital -- the new look of Chinese aerospace commercialization. With the spread of the aerospace plus mode and innovative spirit, China Rocket Co., Ltd will create a new era in the Chinese commercial aerospace market.