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CapitalBio Technology joins Global Alliance for Genomics & Health

Updated : 2016-08-25
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CapitalBio Technology has joined the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH) to cooperate with other members in promotion of biomedicine.

The alliance has more than 400 advanced organizations from 41 countries, including leading research institutes, medical companies, and biomedical and information sciences companies. GA4GH is building a general framework to promote positive developments in biomedical resources and data sharing.

The bioinformatics team of CapitalBio Technology is composed of experts and engineers in big data mining and cloud computing. The company has rich experience and solid technical storage. Its cloud computing platform "CBT Cloud", which has independent intellectual property rights, was recently launched. CBT Cloud will help biomedical researchers transfer original data to practical applications.

CapitalBio Technology is devoted to the omics technology application for public health improvement. As a member of GA4GH, CapitalBio Technology will try to accelerate biomedical research and clinical applications.