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Infineon cooperates with Google to allow human-computer gesture interactions

Updated : 2016-05-30
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Two products, a smart watch and a wireless speaker, both fully controlled by gestures, appeared in a recent “Google 1/O” event. Infineon Technologies AG cooperated with Google ATAP to implement two terminals that can recognize gestures, replacing switches or buttons.

Gesture sensors, by making mobile and fixed terminals operate in this third way, have revolutionized human-computer interaction and brought new opportunities. They will fill existing gaps, adding a convenient alternative interactive program on the basis of touch and voice control. Since 2.4 million years ago, when humans began to use tools, this is the first time tools have adapted to their users, rather than users adapting to the tools.

Infineon and Google ATAP intend to use "Solli "radar technology to meet the needs of home entertainment, mobile terminals, the Internet of things (IoT) and many others in the market. Radar chips and software concepts, plus interactive Google ATAP from Infineon form a suitable basis. The two companies plan to join forces to develop the commercial potential of "Soli" technology. They anticipate that advanced tactile algorithms combined with highly integrated miniature radar chips will lead to a variety of applications.