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Startimes cooperates with Chinese Football Association Super League

Updated : 2016-05-30
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Startimes has signed a protocol with IMG, the strategic partner of the Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL), under which it will have all rebroadcasting media rights to the Chinese Football Association Super League (CSL) in Southern Africa, and will be able to exclusively bring top Chinese football games to Chinese and African audiences.

Startimes will own rights for broadcast by cable TV, satellite TV, IPTV, VOD, internet and mobile platforms, whether in English, French, Portuguese, or native African languages. Meanwhile, it will use its own sports channel to rebroadcast more than two CSL football games in English every round.

In order to meet the needs of non-Chinese people, Startimes will rebroadcast one or two football games every round over own Chinese channel.

Startimes will also function as a medium between China and Chinese residents of Africa, using resources from CCTV and other well-known media to introduce new Chinese programs.

Startimes is cooperating with CSL not only to promote the CSL brand in Africa but also to expand its overseas business model.