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Beijing makes it easier for foreign talent to get green card

Updated : 2016-02-26
( Xinhua )

Beijing hopes to attract more "elite foreigners" after it eases permanent-residence requirements, local authorities said on February 25.

Twenty new measures will take effect on March 1. They mainly target managerial-level professionals, Chinese born abroad, entrepreneurs, and recently-graduated foreign students.

According to the measures, Chinese of foreign nationalities that hold a doctorate or above, or those who have worked for four consecutive years in enterprises in Zhongguancun, which many call "China's Silicon Valley," can apply for permanent residence as long as they live in China for more than six months in a year.

Previously, the minimum employment level was vice-manager general or associate professor, in addition to evidence of living in China for a minimum of three out of four years, and full payment of Chinese taxes in that time, according to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (BMPSB).

The measures also aim to attract foreign students who want to start businesses, and work part time in Zhongguancun.

Further details are available from the BMPSB.

BMPSB has set up a service center for foreigners applying for permanent residence in China in the Haidian district of Beijing. It will be open to the public next Tuesday.