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New carrier-grade WiFi cluster located in E-town

Updated : 2016-01-25
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On January 15, Zheng Lixin, deputy director of China Political Research Office and president of China Mobile Communication Association, visited the “New carrier-grade WiFi” cluster in E-town.

Zheng visited the exhibition hall and new technology hall, and learned about the progress of building the industry cluster.

The “New carrier-grade WiFi” cluster aims to build up a carrier-grade network operation company to promote research and manufacturing and stays ahead globally in technology development. The cluster would bring huge economic benefits, with a production value of more than 250 billion yuan. It will help promote the development of neighboring areas and the industry upgrading process in Beijing.

Zheng pointed out that “new carrier-grade WiFi” is now mature in technology and facilities. It has support from operation networks, land and houses, as well as the policy support and financial development potential. He hoped that the cluster will be built up as soon as possible.

Liang Sheng, director of the Management Committee of E-town, welcomed the leaders from China Mobile Communication Association. He mentioned that E-town is already covered by 4G networks, and WiFi will be available all over E-town this year.

He also added that E-town and China Mobile Communication Association could build the new industry cluster together.