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China's gold wind blows Pakistan

Updated : 2014-12-26
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A Chinese wind power giant has supplied Pakistan with 33 wind power machines, that sailed smoothly through a trail run recently, marking a big success for a Chinese company in the energy industry.

The Goldwind Science & Technology Co, an international wind power developer in Beijing's Economic and Technological Development Area, or E-town, has helped Pakistan build a 1.5 megawatt wind power station for high-temperature conditions and it passed a 168-hour test run smoothly, according to E-Times, the E-town weekly paper.

All of the test indices met Pakistani State Grid standards, so, the station's ready for commercial use. Project insiders told E-Times that the State Grid had very strict requirements for wind power so that is a good indication of Goldwind's quality. It says its goal is to preserve the environment for future generations by expanding its global market and the Pakistan case is clearly a good start.

Edited by Fang Sha and Roger Bradshaw