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Gutian Conference Site


Gutian Conference Site

The Tourism Area of the Gutian Conference Site is a national 4A scenic spot, a level-I national museum and one of the top 10 national demonstration bases for patriotism education.

This tourism area is located in Gutian township, Shanghang county in Longyan, Fujian. It consists of the historical site of the Gutian Conference, Songyingtang Zhongxingtang, Xiechengdian, Wenchangge and Shuhuaitang. Songyingtang is the site of the Fourth Red Army's Front Enemy Committee and Political Department. Shuhuaitang is the site of the CPC Mingxi Special Committee. Zhongxingtang used to serve as the Fourth Red Army's command building. In Xiechengdian, Mao Zedong finished his written masterpiece A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire. In Wenchangge, the Mingxi branch of the CPC held its first congress.

The Site of the Gutian Conference was originally the Liaojia Ancestral Temple that was built in 1848. The Fourth Army of Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army held the Ninth Congress of the Communist Party on Dec 28 and 29, 1929.

The Gutian Conference established the fundamental principle of the "Party Leading the Army," which became a milestone in the history of the CPC and PLA.

Address: Gutian township, Shanghang county, Longyan, Fujian

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