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Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital

Updated: 2010-05-27 16:16
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Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital

Dancers perform the show Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital (Kaifeng) in Song Dynasty in the Millennium City Park. A grand live-action on water, the performance was invested for 135 million yuan by the Park. It uses a lot of technologies to create moony scene and draw people’s mind back to Northen Song Dynasty in 1000 years ago. The scene consists of 9 poetries and a painting, Qingming Festival by the Riverside, shows tourists a finely selected image of Northen Song Dynasty to recall Chinese people’s thinking on flourishing and declining. The performance fully uses a lake, pavilions, terraces and buildings to create a completely classic live-action theatre. It lasts for 70 minutes and is performance by more than 700 players. [Photo/ Wei]

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