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Chengdu to learn from Germany in water management

By Huang Zhiling and Zhang Ao (China Daily Sichuan Bureau)
Updated: 2010-04-13 16:24
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CHENGDU: Chengdu and Germany are about to make joint effort to better the water management including pollution control and water recycling, according to the discussion on the Sino-German Water Management Symposium held in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan on Monday.

Drought in Southwest China has caused the urgent demand in a more scientific and comprehensive management of water resource.

"We will take the advanced German industrial system, technology innovation and financing channels as our guide," said Xie Tian, deputy chief of Sichuan Provincial Environment Bureau.

"Chengdu is aiming at building a garden-like city by the end of this year, featuring the harmony between nature and mankind. However, problems like pollution of residents' drinking water still exist. Chengdu would definitely benefit from the symposium," Xie added.

Modern ways of river management, pollution controlling and sewage disposal were also put forward and discussed during the symposium.

A Sino-Germany research centre on water management was also set up in local Sichuan University, with German Aachen University as its working partner, to enhance cooperation between the two countries.