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China, Vietnam mark 60th anniv. of diplomatic ties

By Li Yingqing and Li Xinan (China Daily Yunnan Bureau)
Updated: 2010-01-20 10:27
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The foreign affairs office of the Yunnan Provincial Government and Yunnan PAFFC (the People's Association for Foreign Countries) celebrated the 60th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Vietnam in association with the consulate-general in Kunming of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The theme of the Jan 18 celebration was: "Developing friendships, strengthening cooperation".

Liu Ping, the vice governor of Yunnan Province, said Yunnan and Vietnam have enjoyed close economic partnerships. Total trade between Yunnan and Vietnam reached $690 million in 2009, making Vietnam Yunnan's second-largest trading partner for the third year in a row.

Currently, 1,400 Vietnam students are studying in Yunnan, and 13 tourism agreements have been signed through the Business Chinese Center, which was developed by a partnership between higher education institutions in Vietnam and Yunnan. Yunnan also shares tourism resources with nine Vietnamese provinces.

Ruan Honghai, the consul-general of Vietnam in Kunming, said he expects economic cooperation conferences and free trade agreements to lead to stronger partnerships in the future.

Diplomatic relations were established between China and Vietnam 60 years ago by People's Republic of China Chairman Mao Zedong and Vietnam President Ho Chi Minh.

In recent years, leaders of the two countries have proposed improving Sino-Vietnamese relations from a "relationship of good neighbors and comprehensive cooperation" to a "relationship of comprehensive and strategic cooperation".

For the two countries, there will be a bright era ahead.