Recording their youths

Updated:2011-09-28 18:13




Qin Yuke, born 1978, holds a master's degree in art from Université de Paris. He is undergoing a big self-transformation process right now.

What I really want to tell you is a love story involving me because I think love stories are probably the best. Like the stuff in movies that takes your breath away, the truly heartbreaking stuff.

But unfortunately if I tell you my love story you might be very disappointed, because I have never experienced love, and I have never loved anyone.

So what exactly is the problem?

In the abstract I like boys and I have known this since I was very little without ever feeling confused or wanting to deny the fact. I believe this is a very normal physiological phenomenon.

The problem is that in life I have never met the kind of person who rushes over and says "let's fall in love" nor have I ever said this to anyone myself.

Perhaps this is because I am too idealistic about romance.

I always hope to naturally encounter love in my life and to have such a story occur naturally. But the probability of this happening in actual life is practically zero, impossibility.

I first encountered Christianity in class and was deeply affected by it and I've said my Acceptance Prayer. But I haven't been able to figure out what God's intent was in setting up my life like this.

Sometimes I also think about many people are probably dissatisfied with their lives and try to do things to change them. So now I am doing something to make my life more interesting, too.

I'm getting a facelift to change my current strange appearance. I'm in the middle of the plastic surgery process now.

First I got my Botox injection and slimmed down my face. Then I did the ends of my eyebrows, I took a piece of scalp from the back and grafted the hair onto my eyebrows. Then I ground down my nasal bone for a nose job though recovery has taken a long time and I'm still wearing an immobilizer.

Most importantly I shaved off all my hair and tattooed along my hairline. The tattoo's not done yet — it's about two-thirds done but you get the idea.

Of course there's another very important reason that I changed my face — this is an art project of mine.

I have recorded every step of the surgery and want to put on a show using photographs, installations or maybe video to present my facelift process step by step.

I hope I can have a fresh attitude and appearance to face the unknown future.