What a waste of precious funds

Updated: 2011-08-05 07:55

(China Daily)

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Tongdao is an economically backward county in Hunan province. That's why netizens are questioning why it spent 2.5 million yuan ($388,482) on a promotional tourism film with some officials playing roles in it. Such a huge amount is enough to feed an ordinary family for life. But the local officials wasted it on a film, which is shameful, says an article in Hefei Evening News. Excerpts:

Films and TV programs demand professionalism, which is crucial to the quality of a production. Amateurs, such as local officials, are not meant to act even in documentary or promotional films. They can be interviewed, though.

As "servants of the people", government officials in an economically backward county should be involved in work that concern people's livelihoods. They should be spending more time in the fields, workshops and factories.

But the Tongdao officials not only wasted precious time in a film in studio, but also spent 2.5 million yuan on the film. This can be described as trying to make a show, or even as dereliction of duty.

Worse, promotional films do not attract tourists to every place. Experience shows that only places that have rich cultural and/or historical relics and structures or natural beauty draw tourists. But Tongdao is not known for its cultural, historical or natural resources.

People there do not practice unique customs either. Therefore, there is no reason for tourists to visit the place.

China Daily

(China Daily 08/05/2011 page9)