Gays are normal people

Updated: 2011-07-15 07:38

(China Daily)

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Actress Lu Liping recently posted anti-homosexual views on her micro-blog, arousing criticism from the media and netizens. So I was glad to see a program on China Central Television that represented the mainstream view in China and called for tolerance for homosexuals. Greater acceptance of homosexuality in China will lead to greater social harmony.

In China, many homosexuals pretend to be heterosexuals for fear of being discriminated against. Many of them even choose to marry people of the opposite sex to hide their real sexual orientation. But when homosexuals marry people of the opposite sex, not only they but also their heterosexual spouses become victims of social discrimination.

Such tragedies can be avoided if society as a whole accepts homosexuals as normal people. It is thus important that the authorities educate the public to understand the sexual orientation of homosexuals and accept them as normal human beings, which they are.

Qi Ying, via e-mail

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(China Daily 07/15/2011 page9)