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Rich second generation can be productive

By Markwu (
Updated: 2010-04-16 13:47
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Lately, China's rich second generation are always criticized as being idle, arrogant and depraved, but with help from their parents and wives, they can become better people. A netizen of, Markwu gave his view on this issue:

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The rich second generation can also be productive and socially conscious people. Their parents would have gone through difficulties to build their wealth so that their children can enjoy a better life. If the children are not spoiled, they can look up to their parents as role models to advance even more. It's all a matter of upbringing and character-molding. And when the children marry, their wives can continue that character-molding. They can help turn their husbands into better human beings. Looking from that perspective, the wives must not be people who just have practical motives of getting an easier life through marriage, but also be the catalyst to change their husbands to be better and more socially conscious people, and thus move them to a higher level as people of influence to help society.

There, I have given all of them a new mission in life beyond wealth and consumption. The mission is to help their husbands be better people which in turn will lift up society.