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Australian's anger to China understandable

Updated: 2010-04-15 16:46
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Following the accident at Great Barrier Reef caused by a Chinese coal ship, China is strongly criticized by Australian media and politicians. A netizen called yuan_zcen at the forum of expressed his view on it:

As a Chinese citizen, I morally stand on the side of Australians in terms of Chinese coal ship's pollution in Queensland.

We should put ourselves in each other's shoes to think about the dispution. If South China Sea is polluted by an Australian ship, Chinese will be angry, too. What if Australian tourists damage the Terracotta Warriors or the Great Wall?

But I support Chinese government's attitude toward this incident. Australian government has it political consideration, so does Chinese government. Both governments cannot show weakness to each other, especially to their own people. Otherwise, Chinese people will say the current government is like that of Qing Dynasty and the Foreign Minister is like Li Hongzhang.

However, life counts the most. Australia must guarantee the safety of all Chinese crew.