Expo set to boost Xinjiang’s foreign trade, economic relations

By Zhuan Ti ( China Daily )

Updated: 2015-07-16

The 2015 Eurasia Commodity and Trade Expo, due to run from Aug 12 to 16 in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, will involve 26 overseas international co-organizers.

Last year, 14 international co-organizers sponsored the event.

The key organizers will leading investment promotion agencies and industry and commerce associations.

In the process of arranging the 2015 EACT Expo, foreign institutions responded very positively, saying that the exhibitions, which are held every other year, are in line with market trends.

During a forum with the 2015 EACT Expo representatives, a head representative for the Italian Foreign Trade Commission said the support that the Chinese government offers Xinjiang and the potential exerted by Xinjiang is changing the pattern of Chinese regional development.

The representative also said that China’s Belt and Road Initiative is transforming “from a slogan to reality.”

Italy is also taking action to actualize the strategy. Although the expo takes place during the European holidays, the Italian Foreign Trade Committee still plans to take part in the exhibition and provide docking services for import and export enterprises, he said.

Delegates of Russia’s economic development ministry also told the 2015 EACT Expo delegation that it is willing to make use of the platform the expo offers, to explore trade and investment opportunities between Siberia, the Far East and China.

The organizing committee aims to boost foreign trade and economic relations for Xinjiang.

The committee has increased efforts to cooperate with foreign institutions abroad and in China.

It has also communicated with overseas partners and international co-organizers to select 12 countries to advertise in.

To promote cooperation between domestic and foreign exhibitors, the committee plans to set up a purchasing exhibition area in the forthcoming expo.

The committee also invited foreign diplomats of key countries to take part in the opening ceremony for the event.