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Bagua Street

Updated : 2020-08-10

Bagua Street
An exciting night fair opens in Bagua Street in Shenyang. [Photo/Shenyang Daily]

After-dark fun and excitement came to town in the wake of a sightseeing fair which opened on Aug 8 in the century-old Bagua Street in Heping district in Shenyang city, capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province, according to local officials.

They said it is yet another fair launched by the district to boost the local nighttime economy.

The Bagua Street sightseeing fair promises to integrate folk customs and displays, with food tasting experiences and youth innovation activities and will run until Oct 31.

Visitors can here taste traditional and time-honored delicacies and new gastronomic delights that are popular on the internet while experiencing handicrafts and intangible cultural heritage including calligraphy and painting, paper-cutting and sugar figurine making, as well as watching cultural and art shows featuring stories from Shenyang’s past.

In addition, an outdoor lights show takes place each night at the Bagua Street fair at 20:00, showing off the night charms of Shenyang city.

Address: Bagua Street, Heping district, Shenyang city

Transportation: Nanshichang Station on Metro Line 1, Bus Nos 221 and 237

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